Over the past six years we have been working hard to relaunch Idries Shah’s entire published corpus in English, as well as releasing it in a range of European languages.

The Western Languages Project has made use of cutting-edge print-on-demand (POD) technologies, and has put ISF firmly at the forefront of the new era in digital publishing.

Teaming up with Ingram’s Lightning Source and Amazon’s KDP platforms, we have built a system from the ground up, constantly refining it as we move ahead.

The result is a dynamic publishing organisation that allows ISF to avoid the pitfalls and costs of traditional and out-of-date publishing systems. With POD there’s no longer a need to print vast numbers of books, warehouse them, or ship them from one delivery point to another. Instead, each copy is printed when it’s ordered and sent directly to the customer.

The result is that books don’t depreciate in warehouses, and they can be updated at a moment’s notice. The technology provides enormous flexibilities – allowing us to release Shah’s work in a wide range of sizes and bindings.

From the outset of this ambitious project we decided to stop at nothing in order to release the very best editions possible. This has involved going back to the original editions and checking them against the actual manuscripts for errors. Each title has been typeset again, proofed over and over, and made available in American as well as British English editions, for the first time.

And, embracing new technologies, we have launched Shah’s work in both eBook and audio book formats. Recent additions to the list are a Large Print Series, and the first edition of The Sufis to feature an index.

By the summer, the English Language Project will have reached its target of reproducing the full corpus. Once it’s ready, we will begin releasing a variety of complementary works by Shah. These will include Idries Shah Study Courses, a Compilation and an Extract Series and, in the future, Idries Shah Textbooks.

In addition to the English language editions, we have been focussing on releasing Shah’s work in Spanish. This has involved translating books afresh to ensure continuity, and to provide translations of the very highest standard.

Our aim is to release Shah’s full corpus in all major European languages, while centralising production through ISF. We are grateful to ISF’s Friends for their support in making this ambitious project possible through donations and volunteer work.