In November we will be releasing three new kid’s titles as part of the Books for Afghan Children Project. Printed with sumptuous illustrations, the English-language editions are being sold in limited editions. All proceeds go to making Afghan-language versions of the same books available for free to kids in Afghanistan. 

The new kids books are:

The Horrible Dib Dib

Written by Idries Shah for his own children when they were young, The Horrible Dib Dib is a masterful tale. A teaching story that challenges perceived ways of thought, it turnaround in the mind long after it’s been read. Beautifully presented in a limited edition, the book’s sales in English go in entirety to providing copies of the same illustrated book, for children across Afghanistan.

The Tale of the Sands

One of the most poignant and powerful tales found in the East, The Tale of the Sands is told and retold in caravanserais, in souqs, and in dhows floating over the Arabian Sea. A story touched by the magic of raw imagination, it has the power to alter one’s thinking processes, and to consider what we know in new ways.

After A Swim

A cornerstone in an important charitable and cultural project, After A Swim is a tale that operates on many layers, bridging the traditional ways of thinking from the East, with those of the West. One of the most-loved stories told by Idries Shah, After A Swim has delighted children and adults in all corners of the world.