ISF Benefactors

The Idries Shah Foundation is pleased to announce the ISF Benefactors programme. We want to make it easier for our supporters to finance specific projects. We currently have a number of Italian translations that are ready to be produced.

We’re requesting £1,000 GBP to produce each book, which will go to funding: proofreading, book cover design (based on the English language cover), typesetting, uploading to our POD (print on demand) system for the paperback and hardcover editions, ordering proof copies, setting up paperback and hardcover distribution, ebook formatting and distribution. This will allow us to distribute these translations on an international level. It’s important to us to be able to distribute these titles in Italian, as many of them have not yet been available in this language.

You can donate as much as you like, from £1 to £1,000 and once we reach our goal, we’ll start production on the book and place another title up for funding.

Thanks for helping us to reach Italian readers with these never-before translated Idries Shah titles!