Can Sufism Sanitize Our PlanetThis article, published in The Kashmir Monitor, discusses the potential of Sufism in healing the chaos of today’s world:

All major mystical British poets have always been aware of Rumi and other Sufi writers. Robert Graves wrote the introduction to Idries Shah’s book The Sufis, which was reviewed at length by Ted Hughes, who said, “The Sufis are the most sensible collection of people on earth.”. Nobel Laureate Doris Lessing has followed the Sufi path. Some of her later works bear the imprint of her interest in Sufi mysticism, which she has interpreted as stressing a link between the fates of individuals and society. In an essay on Idries Shah, she explained its attraction: “Sufi truth is at the core of every religion, its heart, and religions are only the outward vestments of an inner reality.”

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