ISF has been working to provide illustrated books to children in Afghanistan on a mass scale. The tales, written by Idries Shah, are being illustrated by a range of talented artists in both East and West. The first six illustrated books are ready, with a further six currently in production. Plans are afoot to produce many other stories by Shah in coming months and years.

The English-language editions of the books are being sold to raise funds to provide Afghan-language versions of the same stories to be given to kids in Afghanistan.

The project aims at inspiring Afghan children with teaching stories that will help develop thought processes, a love for literature, and a sense of imagination. At a time when few Afghan children own illustrated books, we believe providing stories of this kind will inspire the new generation, just as it does in the West.

More details of this ambitious project will follow over the coming months. For now, we would like to thank everyone who has donated for the project, and who’s bought illustrated editions of the books.